Teenage Balding: What Can You Do About it?

On a beautiful Friday night, you are headed out to a party.

You look at your shiny black hair that everyone has always been raving about, and there it is!

That first sign of balding at a very young age can cause panic and anguish.

The prospect of being bald for the next 50-60 years as your hairline retreats and hair steadily thinned.

Its normal to freak out.

The initial panic when someone else points it out to you.

Gradually, your attitude matures, but due to the overwhelming number of people asking Dr Rashmi Shetty for tips on premature hair loss and balding, we have written this article to benefit our readers.

For young men and women for whom balding starts at an unusually young age, these emotions can be further complicated by balding stigma.

In every Bollywood movie, a bald man has always been a fool or a villain. Never the hero.

Balding is typically associated with loss of youthfulness. Hair represents strength, power, and virility. Balding causes less favorable initial impressions. Generally, it is associated with less physical attractiveness, success, labeled as less desirable and misperceptions of age.

Dr Rashmi Shetty Shares the Top Causes of Hair Loss in Teens


Genetics can cause baldness. If your father, grandfather and uncles have it, then you might get it as well.

Male-Pattern Baldness usually occurs in men over the age of 35. Around 40 per cent of men who suffer from this condition will begin to see signs of baldness by 22.

Dr Rashmi Shetty says that there is no need to panic. There are several ways to counteract or oppose the gene expression.

Women can also suffer from this condition, though it is infrequent.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Most teenagers do not bother eating a well-balanced and healthy diet. For some, nutritional deficiencies may lead to long-lasting problems in the later years. Dr Rashmi Shetty warns teenagers about the dangerous effects of elimination diets.

Some common nutritional deficiencies in teenagers include protein, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and magnesium. Such defects may lead to loss of hair.

Lifestyle & Stress

The physical and emotional changes experienced by teens can cause a lot of stress. This can lead to hair loss and balding.

One of the causes of hair loss is the lack of oxygen to the scalp due to stress, smoking and extreme cold weather. Blood vessels constrict at these times causing hair fall.

Hair oxygen treatment that is performed at Ra skin & Aesthetics is highly effective and has given excellent results with teenagers. It is also proven to be safe.

The way you maintain your hair is also an important factor. Excessive heat treatment, not washing your hair frequently, gels and using combs with sharp teeth can affect your scalp and hair health. It may lead to dandruff, excessively oily scalp, sensitive scalp; all of which are known to trigger hair loss.


The changes that take place in a teen’s body can be shocking. Teenagers go through a lot of hormonal changes.

As hormones surge in the teen years, hormone-related issues begin. It includes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid disease. Not surprisingly, all these conditions are known to cause hair loss.


Dr Rashmi Shetty warns teens against popping pills without proper diagnosis and prescription from doctors. Medicines that may help reduce acne cause hair loss.

Also, never suddenly stop a medication without your doctor’s approval, even if you are experiencing side effects. Consult with your doctor first.

Traction Alopecia

This condition could be an effect of over-styling of the hair. It is found to be a common form of hair loss in teenagers.

It occurs when the hair is pulled back into tight buns or the overuse of harsh chemicals. Long term use of helmets, headphones and other headgear can also cause traction alopecia.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder. It causes patchy bald spots on the scalp.

This form of hair loss can occur in men and women and at any age.

Alopecia areata may be caused due to genetics, environmental and hormonal imbalance.

Unidentified Medical Condition

It may be due to an undiagnosed medical condition if you have ruled out the previously mentioned causes.

Indications that you may have hormonal issues

Acne on your face and body, excessive hair on your, darkening of skin on your neck and excessive dryness are indications of hormonal issues.

Indications that you may have nutritional issues

You may have dark circles, dry and itchy skin or frizzy and brittle hair are indications of hair fall due to nutritional deficiencies.

It would help if you discussed your symptoms with your doctor. The doctor may have to run diagnostic tests to rule out a few medical conditions before proceeding to the treatment process.

Dr Rashmi Shetty’s expert guidance on how to manage teenage balding

Besides managing stress and other issues, it is crucial to incorporate some beneficial nutrients that will balance out all the negative aspects.

According to the National Institute of Aging, some people don’t get essential vitamins from their daily diet, and their doctors recommend a supplement. Supplements provide essential nutrients that are missing from your daily diet.

The FDA defines supplements as Dietary supplements that include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.


It helps repair, rebuild and replenish every cell of your body, leading to healthier, stronger hair.

RA Anagen is full of beneficial amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements like zinc sulphate and melatonin. These ingredients help improve the quality and strength of your hair.

RA Anagen, our hair supplement, has been formulated to arrest hair fall, strengthen hair follicles and improve hair health. RA Anagen is full of beneficial amino acids, yeast, B vitamins, trace elements like zinc sulphate and melatonin. All the ingredients of RA Anagen have been amalgamated to repair and keep hair health at its peak. Hair gets impacted by both internal and external factors. Strengthening and nourishing hair from within giving better results when coupled with topical solutions and procedures.


Keeps your hair hydrated.

RA Hydrate, enriched with Collagen Peptide, restores skin elasticity and makes it appear youthful. Sodium Hyaluronate preserves/restores moisture. Alpha Lipoic Acid, an anti-aging antioxidant.


RA Vitamin C+ is a supplement that is a powerful antioxidant and known for its holistic benefits, including its ability to fight free radicals, boost immunity, help collagen building and reverse signs of ageing.

Dr Rashmi Shetty also recommends the use of minoxidil, but only after a consultation at the doctor’s office.

It dilates the blood vessels. Minoxidil is used to stimulate hair growth and to slow balding. It is most useful for people below 45 years.

Minoxidil also helps increase hair follicles’ size, which promotes the growth of thicker, healthier hairs.


Biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy.

There are shampoos with similar ingredients that can prove useful too.

At Ra Aesthetics clinic, there are a few treatments that effectively address this problem.

Detailed examination: At Ra Clinic, we get to the root cause of your condition. We might have to check your complete nutritional panel and your thyroid. Depending on your clinical diagnosis, Dr Rashmi Shetty may recommend further tests.

Micro-needling: Treatments include a specialized technique called micro-needling. It brings blood and nutrients to the scalp and stimulates new stem cells that support hair growth.

Mesotherapy: It is another process that makes your hair follicle grow faster and survive due to active blood circulation

Hair oxygenation: Oxygen is the fuel that is essential to build hair. Our skin absorbs oxygen like a sponge, even on our heads.

Hair lasers: Low-level laser therapy — also called cold laser therapy. It radiates photons into scalp tissues. These photons are absorbed by the cells to encourage hair growth.

It is a safe procedure that is globally accepted. It is less invasive than hair transplant surgery.

If you need any more details or clarifications regarding hair loss and balding, send a DM directly to Dr Rashmi Shetty on her instagram profile.

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