Before And After – Eyes

Dark circles is one of the common concerns faced by people all over the world and one of the top most indications for filler injections. Having said that, it is also one of the most complicated areas to inject for a few reasons:
– There are extremely important structures in this area especially blood vessels which can cause serious damage such as tissue death
– If the filler injections aren’t injected properly then it can lead to an appearance which isn’t aesthetically pretty
– Again, if it’s not injected in the right plane then any hormonal variation or water retention can lead to a blue bulge which we call as Tyndall effect.
– if excessively done then it may look like a sausage or a banana sitting on that groove which spoils the facial appearance.
Therefore, you must always visit an expert in the field of Aesthetics when you get an undereye filler done.
Here is an immediate before and after picture where you can see that the results were achieved instantly. Thereafter, the remnant pigmentation can be taken care of with certain peels,lasers and home care treatment.
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