Before And After – Lips

Peri- oral Pigmentation is a common issue – simply means pigmentation around the mouth , common specially on Indian skin colour.

It can happen due to several factors like:

🌸 Conditions that stimulate excess melanin production such as hormonal or nutritional conditions

🌸 Licking your lips too much (yes, your mothers were right!)

🌸 Dry Skin in itself

🌸 Lifestyle habits like cosmetics, friction with your skin etc.

While the causes are varied and treatment can be difficult, it’s achievable. Combined with home care, our clinical treatments have always given us consistently positive results like with the patient shown above!

To know more about our clinical treatments for oral and any other type of pigmentation, drop your comments below or call on 9833055236 to set up an online appointment.
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Enhancing youthful lips … people are always afraid of lip fillers because they only notice drastically changed lips and don’t want the same … however if we’ll done, it can be so subtle as the before and after above. All I’ve done is:
1. Made it more plumper … which makes it look more hydrated and healthy
2. Corner of the lips are lifted slightly to look less droopy and more happy
Lips should also be done in a way that allows you to step out and meet people right after the procedure. The above after image was taken minutes after injecting ..
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Lip Fillers 💉
Injecting the lip is as much art as it is science. This particular lip, the upper lip was inverted (rolled inward) and very thing .. and when she smiled it disappeared even more. So, it was a challenging lip to work on. Here is the before – after for you to see. The after is immediately after injecting.
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Lip fillers
I had enhanced this lip couple years ago .. stayed pretty much full but now that she is used to this wanted even more and more I gave .. glamourised and fuller and prettier but yet pleasingly natural.
Lip .. one can get carried away and want it freshly filled again and again .. when we keep refilling lips pls do take care and keep these points in mind …
1. Making sure u go to the best doctor you can
2. Make sure the best product is used and similar or same as the previous injection .
3. Less is more always , because this one u will love so much you will want to keep doing.
4. Safety and art both has to be your priority
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It’s all about projection
A lot of times attractiveness is about –
the right projections
the right shape and
the right light reflections
so here is one such face , if you notice ….the upper lip is slightly less projected than the lower lip , the chin is small compared to the rest of the face , it’s asymmetrical, less projected than it should be on a profile picture . even the length of the chin could be better. ..
so that’s exactly what I have done with fillers .. worked a little bit on the projection on the lip , a little bit on the projection of the chin , I have also made the chin a little more sharper so that the chin now looks more feminine , i have symmetrised the two sides or two half’s of the chin leading to a more attractive and glamorous lower face
the same work on a mature face can also make the face look more beautiful.. a lot can be achieved with less and keeping it very natural.
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Lips lips lips ..
Many shapes , many sizes , many wishes and many beauty ideas .. to each his own .. it’s in me to guide you what suits your face best and what is possible on your lips and what would go with your personality and most importantly how to then make it happen safely ….making sure I give you the desired and predictive results time and again.
Remember lip job is not a one time thing. Specially when u love it , u want it redone when it wears out. ❤️❤️❤️
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Lip enhancement for men
Men want it too. And why not. Lip enhancement makes any face look more attractive. Pls note , enhancement does not mean just bigger it means more attractive , more youthful.
We have discussed in many posts the beautification of lip. Also pls see my video on lip and ageing where I have explained in detail what happens to lip as one ages.
Age or no age .. any age one would really benefit aesthetically when lip is enhanced. A wee bit makes a big impact on the over all face.
In men the challenge is how ever , not to feminize the lip and the over all look. To balance and blend and yet make it more attractive and youthful.
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Lip Fillers. Remember these lips , I had posted a set of before after a month ago. She wanted them more fuller when we started. But me being me , am very conservative and a big big advocate of natural out come. But the younger boarder Gen x are happy to flaunt , then why not. So I have adapted to their needs but still sticking to my ways. Safety first . Beauty and natural out come yet the goal of my treatments. So now we go in two sessions …. and we get the most beautiful end result 💝 #lipfiller #lipinjections #lipenhancement #lipaugmentation #lip #restylanekysse #juviderm

In my recent ‘Lip and Aging’ video, I had explained in detail how the upper corners of the lip collapses and turns inward as you age. Aging of the lips makes one feel that the lips have not just become thin but disappeared with age.
A lot of people don’t really want their lips to look like some work has been done on them. They may not even worry about a fuller or not so fuller lip but what they really care about is the disappearing corner of the lips.
Wondering why? Well! It is because this change with age makes the changes on other parts of the face evident and eventually leads to facial expression changes making the face look sad and tired.
The science behind this is that with the corner of the mouth drooping down, the jowls on the side makes the face look pulled downwards and to top it if the lips turn inwards then the whole thing creates an illusion of the face being pulled downwards. And the end result of this whole effect is sad and tired facial expression.
If you can see in this before and after then you will notice that all I have done is take away that inward roll to make the face look happy and fresh.
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Lip Filler 💉

Lips are the most exciting and most tricky to do. You see there is no exact definition of beauty, especially when it comes to lips. The idea of beauty is so varied. It’s like a thumb print, one of the identifying features of yourself, that is unique for everyone.
Here’s one such lip we beautified together – me and my pretty patient. .
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