Ra Supplements

Formulated by Dr Rashmi Shetty, Ra supplements are must-haves for your Skin, Hair & Health to be its healthiest, beautiful self.

The Ra supplements are:

  • RA Hydrate – enriched with Collagen Peptide, it restores skin elasticity, preserves moisture, and makes skin plump with lesser lines & wrinkles, besides improving hydration, lipid content and protecting from UV damage.
  • RA Essential – encapsulating a set of essential multivitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, micro-nutrients & minerals, it provides nutrition at the cellular level to make the skin and hair glow.
  • RA Bright – combines four powerful antioxidants to minimize free radical damage, brighten & lighten skin, protect skin from sun damage, improve skin elasticity and iron-out wrinkles.
  • RA Anagen – full of beneficial amino acids, yeast, B vitamins, trace elements like zinc sulfate and melatonin, amongst others, it arrests hair fall, strengthens hair follicles and improves hair health, apart from rebuilding & nourishing the skin and muscle fibres.
  • RA Defence – fortified with traditional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, piperine, milk Thistle and beta carotene, it reduces inflammation, which is the main culprit behind every skin and beauty issue.
  • Ra Primerose+ – is a combination of three powerful ingredients evening primerose oil, Vitamin E and Flaxseed oil that help address skin concerns caused due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Ra Vitamin C+ – is one supplement that suits all skin types. It helps fight free radicals, boosts immunity, stimulates collagen and reverses signs of aging.