@drrashmishettyra thank you for taking care of my skin  you saved me.”

Ritika Singh

“Skin issues!!!! And, I have her @drrashmishettyra Thanks for taking care of my skin:)”


“I started using sunscreen after reading “age erase”. But the one I was using gave me an allergic reaction. I was scared to use sunscreen at that time. Then you came to my rescue. Last year you suggested me to use UV Doux and it was just perfect for me. I still use it and love it . I can’t thank you enough for this. I love you ”

Rosalin Biswal

“@drrashmishettyra met this cutie today.. Dealing with my skin problems ”

Fatima Sana Shaikh


“Congratulations Dr Rashmi. After years of practice and research, it would be a delight to read Age Erase. Wish you the very best with this book.”

Dino Morea


“As an actor and a bodybuilder, I have always found it very hard to keep my skin in optimum condition due to the extreme nature of my two occupations. However, when Dr Rashmi Shetty began treating me, that changed very quickly! Her expertise and knowledge are so rare and I can truly say she surely holds the secret to perfect skin and eternal youth in her capable hands!”

Sahil Khan

Actor & Bodybuilder

“One of the few doctors I know who define their “work” as “worship”. Best wishes and success always.”

Major (Retd.) SukritiShuklla

VP-Corporate HR, BDMC Group

“Dr Rashmi changed the way I look at myself. She pampers skin like no one else.”

Manasi Scott

Singer, Songwriter, Actor

“We live in times where most people – no matter how young or old, famous or not-worry about appearances and have low self esteem because of it. Dr.Rashmi’s expertise, insight and enthusiasm. She breathes life and hope into everything she touches! To me personally, she is a dear friend as well.”

Amala Akkineni

Actor & Animal Activist

“My skin and hair have never looked better. What Dr Rashmi does is magic. She is not like the other doctors (I’ve been to the best around the world) who just want to “fix” your face or skin. She cares for you on the whole. Dr Rashmi is an artist.”

Chandi Perera

Actress, Sri Lanka

“Rashmi has a very holistic approach to skincare. She makes sure to give you solutions for the long run which are easy to follow and maintain. I bless the day I met her.”

Tamannaah Bhatia


“Thank you, doctor. You fixed me. In the Coldplay kind of way.”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu


“What kept me from going to aesthetic doctors was my apprehension for anything invasive and drastic. But when I met Dr Rashmi Shetty, she just fixed me with the least that there can be. Little things like eating right, sleeping well, keeping the scalp clean, and following a skincare regime is all what it took to keep me looking beautiful even on the most stressful days.”

Anita Dongre


“Been following your page for a while now. It’s good to come across someone who actually gives genuine tips that are doable and applicable to all crowds . Appreciate it!”

Sravani Mellacheruvu


“I have been associated with Dr Shetty for a couple of years now. Not only is she a great doctor but a superb human being too. She has helped me immensely in some issues that I had seen many doctors for and got no results from. This book will definitely provide all the secrets to what makes her so beautiful too. Lots of love and more success.”

Sania Mirza

Tennis Player

“Thank you for helping me feel my best. You are truly amazing. Love you, Dr Rashmi Shetty.”

Samantha Akkineni

“There’s always extra pressure when it comes to being in the limelight. Not to mention just being a woman who will inevitably go through life’s processes. We all want to look and feel young. So having Dr Rashmi Shetty to look after my skin has been a blessing. Thank you Dr Shetty.”

Nargis Fakhri


“thank you @drrashmishettyra for not only taking care of my skin and hair, but also doing these heartfelt gestures. Am overwhelmed to have a friend like you thank you for everything”

Ankush Nagpal

“All of us have DNA in our genetics for skin and hair. Dr Rashmi Shetty makes sure you can beautifully flaunt it.”

Rana Daggubati


“Skin Routine with my fav Doc. indi_yapa/Instagram
Blessed to have met beautiful @drashmishettyra – known celebrity doctor in India. She has been helping me with my skin on my face. I was feeling really down mentally about this for a good year… had the honour of meeting her & getting her expertise & amaaazing results.
Thank you Doc”

Purva Mantri

“I first met Dr Shetty at an event I was hosting and I automatically assumed she was the glamorous actress from Hyderabad we were waiting for. We have been friends since then, it’s easy to see how much she loves the world of beauty and perfection. Much sought after by corporates for her new-age techniques combined with her knowledge of how to stay beautiful, she travels the world ad embodies the essence of a superwoman for me. Which is why I’m really looking forward to her book. She’s Doc on call.”

Mini Mathur

Indian TV Host, Actress, & Model

“At Dr Rashmi Shetty’s Ra Clinic, I discovered that it was possible to bring out the best of my features while still looking like my natural self. The best part is that Rashmi combines her understanding of aesthetics and psychology while enhancing her client’s looks.”

Gajra Kottary

Author & Scriptwriter, Balika Vadhu

“What I love about Dr Rashmi is that she is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly updating herself with the latest in skincare! She has given me a holistic perspective on my skincare regime that was both preventative and proactive.”

Priya Anand


“Their is somethg in ur hands and tht is magic had a great time..”

Lavanya Ambati

“We live in times where most people-no matter how young or old, famous or not- worry about appearances and have low self-esteem because of it. Dr Rashmi’s expertise, insight, and enthusiasm to bring back one’s confidence is truly amazing. She breathes life and hope into everything she touches! To me personally, she is a dear friend as well.”

Lakshmi Manchu

Hollywood/Indian Actor-Producer

“Dr Rashmi Shetty’s extensive knowledge in cosmetology, coupled with her aesthetic vision and passion for her discipline, is what’s making me look forward to her very first book, Age Erase. After all, as Dr Shetty always points out, beauty is much deeper than skin.”

Shilpi Sharma


“Dr Rashmi is not only a doctor to me but has been a friend for long. Whenever I have skin related issues, the person I speak to is her. I trust her completely with my face.”

Aamir Ali

Film and TV Actor

“Rashmi is an angel in my life. I was fighting my skin pigmentation and thankfully met her at the right time. It’s been a changed world ever since I walked into Rashmi’s clinic. She has been a wonderful friend and not just a great doctor. I am enjoying my womanhood thanks to her. I think of her every time I am complemented for the glow on my face.”

Suguna Srikrishnan


“Ma’am it’s so sweet and humble of you to read and reply to all the comments inspite of your busy schedule. You’re such an inspiration and I wish to be like you one day!”

Dr Leela Madhuri

“If my hair is good, if my skin is good, it is because of a disciplined lifestyle and Dr Rashmi Shetty.”

Akkineni Nagarjuna


“Dr Shetty is a very non-commercial cosmetologist. She tells you what you need (i.e. if you need anything done) and doesn’t try to push treatments just to make a buck. I can spend hours with her just chatting as she keeps herself updated with the latest technology available in the market.”

Upasna Kamineni

Vice President Apollo Philanthropy and Managing Director Apollo Life

“Blessed to have you in life @drrashmishettyra  You make my life so much more easier by taking care of my skin and always doing the best possible ! Can’t express how grateful I am … Lots of love and hugs 

Medha Tyagi


“Loving the anagen, hydrate and defence. Hair Fall has reduced multifolds and acne has vanished! A gazillion thanks to you!”

Jaishree Santhosh

“In this day and age of confusion, how should one look fresh and happy? I had this question too before I met Dr Rashmi Shetty. Post that, there was no looking back as I knew I will be taken care of.”

Jackky Bhagnani


“Dr Shetty is a specialist who I would like to cherish forever. She is a dear friend and undoubtedly and excellent doctor. I met her as my dance student but soon realized the amazing skills she has and since then I only go to her for my skin and hair treatments. I feel fortunate to have a doctor like her who helps me in all possible treatments. Now with a book under her belt, the world will know how amazing her work is. I want to thank her for being there for me and wish her all the best.”

Sandip Soparkar

Latin Dance Guru

“Meet the Bold and Beautiful @drrashmishettyra from Ra Skin and Aesthetics,Mumbai ! I truly had a magical experience there and I assure you will too ! Get your perfect flawless skin with them ”

DJ Paroma


“Secrets… shhhhhhh!
It’s the end of the year so for everyone who asks me for skin secrets
While a lot of it is genetic I do still give my skin a lot of #TLC in the form of vitamins and supplements… if you’re healthy and happy Its going to show on your skin.”

Aditirao Hydari


“I never felt that I was under treatment. Rather, the lovely care made me feel like I was pampered with utmost care. Well, this is something which is unique to her as her spa-like clinic ends up giving you the perfect result as well.”

Amla Paul


“There is no problem or pimple too big for Dr Rashmi Shetty and a few of her magical touches. She is one of the most positive and happy people I have met. She’s fabulous with skin and knows it inside out.”

Adaa Khan


“Dr Rashmi Shetty, with her well-equipped knowledge of skin, studies you as a person and gives you that confidence which every woman needs. I am glad I gave myself to her at this early age. I trust her and love her from the bottom of my heart.”

Neetu Chandra

Film & Theatre Actor, Martial Arts Expert, Kathak Dancer

“I am one of your biggest follower. Sorry to introduce my self so..but its true..i watch all your shows,video etc..as its very useful for me. I do try many of ur DIY which gave me true results on my skin.. Really Thank you very much for that!”

Binitha Pillai

“Dr Rashmi makes you look amazing with her amazing tip and techniques and makes you feel amazing with her lovely, warm, and affable personality-it’s a great combination!”

Shruti Hassan


“Ever since I’ve understood the meaning of beauty and skincare, I have always been using natural products, including home remedies. But given the industry I am working in, it leaves me exposed to sun, heat, dust, harsh lights etc. So I need a professional hand who will not just help me take care but also enhance the health of my skin and hair. And for this I rely only on Dr Rashmi, who is not only super proficient, her treatment method is very mild and never harsh or strong.”

Yami Gautam


“I trust my directors for the roles I play, and I trust Dr Rashmi Shetty for the role she plays as my hair and skin consultant. My shoot schedules are demanding-be it the harsh lights or pollution outdoors-leaving my skin and hair stressed. Dr Rashmi Shetty’s personalized care and right treatment gives me the confidence to take on any challenge. Kudos to Dr Rashmi for this informative book.”



“I have known Dr Rashmi for some time now. She treated my skin after a few doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. She is someone who knows what she’s doing and her results speak for her work. I trust her judgement and knowledge on skin implicitly.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra