If there’s one thing that has become more complicated than urban life, it is most certainly our skincare routines. The constant influx of newer products, information, and trends, has led us to believe that we need a 10 step skincare routine to look just about decent as we age. But let’s be honest, it’s almost impractical to live up to this challenge on a daily basis. And more importantly, is it actually doing us any better than our basic CTM routine?

Well the answer to that is no, and so we’re here to celebrate the arrival of ‘skinimalism’, or as the beauty world calls it – purposeful beauty.


Simply explained, ‘purposeful beauty’ is about un-complicating your skincare routine, and getting fewer products to do more for your skin. This de-cluttering involves using more potent products, or products which effectively work on multiple skin concerns at the same time.


This fast paced world of ours leaves us overwhelmed with enough to do. Your skin and hair care routine should be the last thing to add to that stress, and should in fact be a simple and enjoyable process, that you treat like your downtime to unwind from the day’s chaos. It is a form of self-care. Additionally, the heat and humidity don’t spare us, and it is impractical to implement multiple products into our self-pampering session. As a matter of fact, it can clog our pores and do more harm than good. Keeping things simple and investing in quality ingredients is a much more bankable option if you’re serious about your beauty regime and goals. Besides, your bank account will thank you too!


Let’s face it, we do take our skin for granted, even though it is the first form of defence that our bodies have against all external threats. Being more mindful and conscious about how we treat the largest organ of our body, can go a long way in sustaining us. Ideally, your dermatologist should always be your go-to person to help you in picking the right product for your skin type and minimising your routine to its simplest form. They will also help you to understand the factors that might be going wrong on the inside, and reflecting on your outside. Self-diagnosis is commonly done when it comes to skin related issues, but internet hacks aren’t always the best bet. With the overload of brands out there, each with their own marketing strategies, trust your dermatologist to navigate the chaos, and leave you with the choices that are best for you as an individual. So keep it simple, and don’t shy away from booking that consultation with your doctor. To give you a quick summary, here’s the 4 steps you should follow –

1) Meet your dermatologist

2) Understand your skin type with them

3) Discuss your ambience with them, as factors like pollution, humidity, your stress levels, etc., all play a major role towards your skin

4) Cleanse, Protect, Nourish – These are the 3 most basic pillars that are non-negotiable, so with the help of your doctor, identify the products that work the best for your skin to achieve these 3 targets.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty – a globally invited expert and founder of Ra Aesthetics and Dermatology has always stressed on the necessity of a good daily routine for your skin that is simple and yet highly effective.


If there’s one approach you want to implement into your life, it should be purposeful beauty, and purposeful living. Being more intentional with your skin is the way ahead for sure, and we’re certainly welcoming this change, as should you!

Each article is written by Aastha Kottary after detailed discussions and notes from Dr. Shetty

Dr. Rashmi Shetty
Cosmetic Dermatologist,
Mumbai | Hyderabad

Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a celebrity dermatologist, industry pioneer, author , globally invited teaching faculty and a leading expert in aesthetic medicine having over 20 years of experience in aesthetic and clinical dermatology. She is the Founder and chief dermatologist at Ra Skin and Aesthetics in Mumbai and Hyderabad. She is named the best Dermatologist by Vogue 2020 and is the first Indian doctor on the International Advisory board of the Anti-Ageing World Congress, FACE London, ICAD Asia, and honorary faculty at UCL .

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