Fine Lines Under the Eyes

In 1985, I saw a tape of myself where my eyes were puffy. I looked very tired and bedraggled and not as youthful as I would like to have been.”-  Faye Wattleton

Nobody wants to be seen with those weary lines that makes you look older than you are.

From time immemorable, eyes have been defined as the true reflection of your spirit.

Youthful eyes are defined by firmness and smooth contours in the eyelids. According to a study, eyes are a medium in humans through which a person indicates to you that they are attending to you and processing information about you.

According to a study conducted in the US, National Academy of Science,the researchers found that infants’ brainwaves were more synchronised to the adults, when the adult made eye contact with the the infant, as compared to when her gaze was averted.

The researchers found it highly astonishing that maximum synchronising effect was observed when the adults’ head was turned away but her eyes still looked directly at the baby!

“It’s all in the eyes. A smile isn’t genuine, unless the eyes smile too. Words mean nothing, unless the eyes speak them too.”



Why do you Get these Annoying Lines Under the Eyes?

What Orbicularis oculi is a circular muscle that goes around your eyes. It is the muscle that helps you blink. Along with the facial nerves, this muscle helps to close the eyes. It is essential for hydrating the eye and protecting it.

Muscles of the body attach to the bone while muscles of the face attach to the skin. Hence every time you blink, you move a muscle, and the skin gets pulled just like a purse-string! This is what leads to those annoying lines.

It is common knowledge that as you age, your skin loses its elasticity. Along with this, environmental factors and genetics play a role in how early the fine lines may appear.

Usually, it is seen that the skin around the eyes is likely to show earlier signs of aging because it is thin and delicate.

The skin under your eyes is delicate and more prone to developing lines than skin elsewhere on the body.

Your body produces natural proteins such as collagen and elastin that help maintain your skin’s structure and elasticity. Collagen and elastin become depleted due to age and other factors.

Most people get conscious of these fine lines that make them look older than they are.

Because under-eye skin is thin, it can lose elasticity over the years, leading to lines formation.

These fine lines tend to become deeper and more pronounced over time.

Intrinsic aging happens naturally, regardless of other factors.

Facial expressions

Smiling, frowning, squinting, and furrowing the brow can also cause fine lines to develop around the eyes.

Sleeping habits

Your sleeping habits can cause fine lines. If you tend to sleep with your face down, the facial muscles are being pushed up against a pillow causing lines.

Why do some people get more Lines?

A few factors that contribute to fine lines under the eyes.

  • Dry skin under the skin
  • Constant blinking: due to irritation in the skin
  • Vision problems: If you have not used corrective glasses, then you tend to squint. Suppose you spend time outside on a hot sunny day. The eyes tend to squint to avoid the harsh sunlight. UV rays can quickly break down the collagen( the protein in your skin tissue that is crucial to hold up your facial structure).
  • Allergic conditions: If you are dealing with itchy eyes or other allergies, consult your doctor. Using eye drops and taking antihistamines will relieve the symptoms and reduce your chances of developing fine lines. Try cold compresses to soothe eyes. Allergies often cause inflammation around your eyes. They can also make your eyes watery. Rubbing your eyes can lead to red eyes and make your skin dry. Treating allergy can also protect the skin under your eyes in the long run.  If you have early morning sneezing and itchy eyes, you have a higher chance of ending up with Dennie-Morgan (DM) lines. These lines are small creases that form along your lower eyelids. It can lead to the appearance of double skin folds beneath your eyes. It usually appears during early childhood due to allergies.
  • Improper application and removal of make up: The solution to keeping fine lines away is about using a great eye cream and knowing how to care for the eye area. You need to understand the right way to apply eye products. Doing it wrong can make your wrinkles appear earlier. Dr. Rashmi Shetty advises against rubbing and pulling on the thin skin around your eyes.
  • Sudden Fat Loss: Rashmi Shetty says,” While a bit of fat loss can be attractive and healthy, a sudden and significant loss can lead to deepened folds and more prominent lines.”

She warns us against looking at the phone first thing in the morning as most people tend to squint.


Dr. Rashmi Shetty shares some simple remedies that you can follow at home to reduce and prevent these fine lines.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of the Lines and wrinkles

  • Check for irritants in the eye. See a doctor if required.
  • Use a good eye cream.
  • Use only gentle concealers. Use only light dabbing movements. The bristles of the brush can also affect the delicate skin.
  • Use good quality make up removers.
  • Check for the expiry date of makeup products.
  • If you are atopic, get yourself checked. Earlier, the better so you can prevent these lines.

RA Supplements for Fine lines

  1. Hydrate: It has all the ingredients to hydrate the skin Get it here-
  1. Primrose oil: For dehydrated and dry skin. Get it here:

RA Aesthetics Special treatments

Dr. Rashmi Shetty has specialized treatments to eliminate those aging lines and make you look youthful again. A few of the anti-aging treatments is listed below.

  1. Specialized eye peels and facials for Hydration: We specialize in hydration and highly recommend it.
  2. Energy-based devices cause collagen stimulation that rejuvenates the skin.
  3. Radiofrequency
  4. Nd:YAG: Nd: YAG laser is used to treat the face, neck, hands, and lower eyelids. You can get good results in a shorter period. Nd: YAG laser for under-eyes lines is safer and more effective than surgical operation. It delivers a smooth and fresh appearance with no risk of eyelid position changing.
  5. Micro Botox: Seek these procedures only from experts.According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you will start noticing the changes within a week with micro Botox.
  6. Injectables: Filler injections involving slowly absorbable filler material to affected areas can help skin look more youthful. A small layer of expertly applied hyaluronic acid gel is all you need to lift the delicate skin and giving you that much craved youthful look. Book a consultation-

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Dr. Rashmi Shetty is well known for achieving a natural look. If you are looking out for under eye treatment or dark circle removal, or wrinkle treatments, always go to someone with the right training, experience, and knowledge of facial anatomy and treatments.

Let Dr. Shetty know what bothers you and have her walk you through a personalized treatment plan.

You would have heard a common comment that goes -“Her smile does not reach the eyes.”


Dr. Rashmi Shetty tells us the technical reason behind this occurrence. You might have noticed smiles that might be beautiful but do not reach the eyes. It is called the non-Duchenne smile.

If botox treatments are not performed under experts’ supervision, you could end up having a smile that looks fake and insincere. The botox dosage and the location of the injection is crucial.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty is an International, world-renowned trainer. She is an invited faculty at prestigious conferences such as the American Society of Dermatology and surgery, World congress of anti-aging, Thai Derm Society, Australian Derm Society, among several others.


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