Honeymoon Skincare For Brides To Be

One important advice I would like to give to all the brides is to maintain your skincare routine even after you are married. Usually, before the wedding you go all out to do the best for your skincare, you go to the best doctor, get the best of everything, pamper your skin like never before for 3-4 months, and once the D-Day happens, its all over all of a sudden. I have never seen a bride come to me asking for honeymoon skincare advice post wedding. The next time I see them, is usually when they are panicking with a bad tan or a breakout. So to most of the women who come to me before their wedding for different treatments, I tell them that they need to take care of their skin before the wedding, through the wedding, and post wedding as well.

Make sure you carry on your skincare routine as meticulously as you were doing it before the D-Day.
It might not be possible to go for regular treatments once you are married, as you have so many things to do, so many relatives to meet, before you go for your honeymoon.
So, in advance you should plan with your doctor about your honeymoon skincare routine & regime after it.
Say, for example, if you are not doing a peel every week anymore, you should be doing some appropriate home treatments after the wedding in consultation with your doctor. Depending upon your skin type; there are milder peels that can be used at home.
To continue taking care, also make sure you do not stop the oral supplements that you’ve been taking.

On your honeymoon, you want to look good 24/7, so you are bound to wear make up most of the time, but no matter how tired or busy you are, do not forget to remove your make up at the end of the day.
Always an emergency kit at hand. A new relationship often gives you a lot of excitement and there are other things like travelling and meeting relatives that can also add on to a lot of stress. Add to it the food you are eating, the sleep you are being deprived of—all this adds extra stress to the skin too. In such a situation you may have breakouts, so an emergency kit with anti-breakout creams is important.
It is also very important to ensure you are getting sufficient rest. Plan your itinerary in such a way that there is enough time for rest.
In a nutshell
> Don’t give up your skincare completely after the wedding.
> Continue taking oral supplements.
> Make sure you remove your make up at the end of the day.
> Keep an emergency kit to deal with sudden breakouts.
> Get enough rest, so that there’s no excessive stress to your body and skin.

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    Use sunscreen every day . The sun is one of the causes of skin aging. Therefore, a good way to protect the skin is to use a moisturizer (or a makeup base) with sunscreen. But do not limit yourself to using these products in the warmer months, but use them year-round, regardless.


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