While the rainy season might have us all looking forward to sipping our hot drinks and admiring the greenery, the change in weather is certainly something that your hair and skin will need help during this transition! The monsoon brings along with it a series of skin woes for many – open pores, dull skin, and possible infections along body folds. In simpler words, it is summer skin but with a much higher humidity. While a little bit of moisture is good, too much of it can begin to wreak havoc. Here’s the things you need to be careful of, along with 6 simple tips for you to cope with the onset of the monsoons, and to keep your skin in great form through the coming months:


The high humidity may cause excessive sweating, or the skin to become more oily than normal. This can further lead to clogged pores, acne, and pimples. Some other common skin problems people face in the monsoon due to increased sweating and humidity are listed below:
1) Body Odour 
2) Sweat Rash: Medically known as ‘Miliaria’, this appears as a red itchy rash. It is mainly seen on the torso and is more common when accompanied by underlying fever.
3) Fungal Skin Infections: These are common in this season as fungi thrive in hot and humid conditions. Ringworm and other such infections are seen in body folds like between the toes, under the breasts, in the underarms and groin.
4) Eczema: Humidity coupled with excessive sweating tends to make the skin dry. This can increase the chance of eczema, presenting as a red, itchy rash.


The key factor for you to pay attention to is controlling the excess oiliness to make sure that your pores don’t clog. Depending on your skin type, you can switch things up with your skincare and make up products, and use more mattifying formulations. Here are the dos when it comes to your skincare game this season:

1) Focus on EXFOLIATION: Sticking to your basic cleansing, toning and moisturising routine is an absolute must, but incorporating a weekly exfoliation session will do you wonders when it comes to keeping the dull skin at bay, and getting rid of the dead skin build up. This also helps with unclogging your pores and preventing possible acne breakouts.

2) Do not skip the MOISTURISER: Most people think that the increase in humidity means that their skin won’t need any moisture, but this is completely false. Using a moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated, and will prevent your oil glands from over- secreting oil or sebum. You can switch to a light weight moisturiser or a mattifying one for the season, but certainly, do not skip this step.

3) Yes, you still need to wear SUNSCREEN: The cloudy weather might hide the sunshine, but that does no mean that the sun is not shining! With that, comes the presence of ultraviolet rays and all the harmful effects of it too. So don’t be fooled by the weather, your sunscreen is as important during this season as it was during the summers! Opt for matte-finish and non-comedogenic sunscreens to keep the skin feeling light through these days.

4) Cut down on the make-up or use powdery formulations: Your goal should be to keep your skin as light and non-oily as possible. But with the humidity working against you, it is important to cut down all unnecessary products from your skin and makeup routine. Wear light make-up if needed, and use more powder based products that can help the skin to not be bothered by external humidity.

5) Invest in Blotting Paper: If you are someone who is on the go, and cannot manage to squeeze in a quick face wash session every time your skin gets oily, blotting paper is an amazing alternative for you. There are many interesting formulations with extracts of green tea, charcoal, etc. All of these ingredients are good oily skin, and so this is a quick hack for you while on the move.

6) Kitchen goodies that will rescue you: Dr. Rashmi Shetty has always been a huge advocate of kitchen goodies and home remedies for skin and hair. She encourages the use of Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth during this season, especially for those with an oily skin type. It can be combined with curd, honey, or rose water for an excellent oil absorbing and hydrating face pack. You can also use natural exfoliants such as a lemon juice, curd, and sandalwood powder as a mask on your face, and gently scrub your face to remove the dead skin.

Each article is written by Aastha Kottary after detailed discussions and notes from Dr. Shetty

Dr. Rashmi Shetty
Cosmetic Dermatologist,
Mumbai | Hyderabad

Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a celebrity dermatologist, industry pioneer, author , globally invited teaching faculty and a leading expert in aesthetic medicine having over 20 years of experience in aesthetic and clinical dermatology. She is the Founder and chief dermatologist at Ra Skin and Aesthetics in Mumbai and Hyderabad. She is named the best Dermatologist by Vogue 2020 and is the first Indian doctor on the International Advisory board of the Anti-Ageing World Congress, FACE London, ICAD Asia, and honorary faculty at UCL .

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