What Is Our Skin Made Of

70 percent of the skin is water:
There you go! Now you know why every skincare article that you ever read on the Internet or in a magazine tells you to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day to keep the skin hydrated. However, I do not insist on the number. It is important that you hydrate well. Whether with water, tender coconut water, buttermilk, vegetable juice, soup, I leave it to you. If you lose water a lot during the day, be it through perspiration or staying in the air conditioning for too long. When you are dehydrated, it will show on your skin and your system will go haywire, your mouth will feel parched, your lips will turn dry, the color of your urine will become darker, and your skin will feel dull and lifeless.
25 percent is protein:
Protein is not only important for people on a special weight loss or muscle building programme but for all of us young or old. Protein is your building block. It helps build and repair pretty much every tissue of your body, including your hair and nails. So it is very important that you make protein a good part of your natural daily diet. Any kind of supplements should be taken under expert advice only.
5 percent is fats and minerals:
Time and again I have seen that the first thing a person on a weight loss spree does is stop the intake of rice and oil. This is a bad idea. Yes, anything in excess is harmful for the body, but totally cutting out any one food component is no good either. You need at least 2 spoons of any form of oil, be it coconut, olive, rice bran, or ghee in your daily food plan. If not, it tells on your skin, hair, and the general health of your organs. There are certain important micronutrients like fat-soluble vitamins that may not get absorbed at all. So not only does your skin need moisturizing from the outside, it also needs it from the inside, and definitely more so if you are 30 plus. And when you reach your 50s, the subcutaneous fat or the fat beneath your skin starts thinning to a point that a specific type of eczema called asteatotic eczema develops. It is characterized by itching and severe dryness of skin, especially on the shin and lower extremities. This scratching leads to wounds.

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