What Cause Open Pores & What are the Remedies?

Open pores are an issue that most people have, no matter the age. We have all seen that even if one is fortunate to have a clear and radiant complexion if the pores are wide open, the skin looks less attractive. The skin with open pores begins to look dull because it does not reflect light uniformly. You must have your pores appear closed so that your skin looks flawless and bright.

Dr Rashmi Shetty says, ” It’s not possible to achieve complete pore less skin and it should not be your goal! Pores are necessary for your skin. Pores are there to fulfil a very important function. They serve as the outlet for the secretions of your glands. Without pores, your secretions would have nowhere to go and be blocked underneath the skin causing whiteheads and cysts.

The only thing that can be done is reduce the appearance of pores on the skin through skin tightening efforts as well as addressing oily skin and giving the skin the hydration to keep it youthful and plump.

Here’s what can be done to reduce the appearance of pores:

  • Icing – quick fix
  • Skin tightening lasers
  • Radio frequency
  • Micro-Botox
  • Micro-needling
  • Treatment to reduce excessive oil on the face

Don’t believe products that claim to give you pore-free skin and don’t believe images that show pore-free skin.

What Causes open pores?

Some people are genetically prone to have open pore skin, usually along with oily skin. As they age, the skin relaxes resulting in the pores begin to open up. Dr Rashmi Shetty cautions against excessively steaming your face during a facial or while in a spa or sauna. The latest trend called hot yoga must be done with caution as it can lead to permanently relaxed pores.

How to deal with open pores?

The easiest way you can reduce the appearance of open pores is by using completely chilled water to splash on your face. The chilled water serves as an instant toner, tightening up your pores.

Another point to remember is that next time you visit a salon, make sure they spray a cool-mist after they perform the blackhead extraction and deep cleansing. Secondly, request them to put a cold towel on your face before going for steam.

Some other quick tips that you can follow if you tend to have open pores are

  • Wash your face with cold water every day after a hot shower.
  • Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin cloth and place them on your skin as a cooling pack.
  • Use a face mask with fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) that helps to calm the skin.
  • You could also apply calamine lotion to reduce your open pores.
  • Try using mild peels on your own at home, such as a combination of Kojic Acid 6–20%, Azelaic Acid 10–20%, or Salicylic Acid of around 2%. They are available over the counter. If you are using it for the first time, apply them one at a time and leave them for a couple of hours. Your skin may need some time to get used to it, after which you can mix all the three and apply it. Leave it on overnight and see how your skin behaves. If you have oily skin, use this twice a week, and if your skin is dry, apply it only once a week.
  • Tretinoin and Retinol-A ointments can be applied at night to reduce the appearance of open pores. During the day, you could opt for a serum or a cream that has pore minimizing ingredients and apply it under your sunscreen.

Specialized Treatments at Ra Skin & Aesthetics

At Ra Skin & Aesthetics, you can also get mild peels done regularly.

Some of the treatments you could opt for

  • Retin-A peels and medium depth peels.
  • Mesotherapy- Botox is injected underneath your skin to shrink the pores.

Laser treatment – The procedure helps boost collagen production in the skin. Laser is more effective in treating the pores occurring because of ageing. The fact about lasers is they have no downtime. Laser skin resurfacing diminishes the appearance of pores.

Procedures conducted at Ra Skin & Aesthetics involve minimal risk of scarring or variation in skin tone, a more natural impression, and the capability to treat darker skin.

Invasive Treatments


An assortment of 10-12 pressurized needles rapidly punctures the skin at numerous points and at various depths that urges the skin to begin the self-healing process. The process initiates the body to trigger collagen production and the development of healthy skin.

Micro-needling with Radiofrequency

Micro-needling with radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment. A microneedle releases radiofrequency into the channels, enhancing the results of normal micro-needling.

The inclusion of radiofrequency energy to the micro-needling technique aids to additionally stimulate the body’s natural collagen and healing processes revealing firmer, regenerated skin.

Mesotherapy with Botox

The technique involves injecting microscopic quantities of medical-grade biological substances, vitamins, and amino acids into the upper and middle layers of the skin.

Dr Shetty is frequently invited as a faculty at several dermatology and plastic surgery society meetings including the American Association of Dermatology, Australian Association of Dermatology, Thai Derm Society & IADVL among others. Dr Shetty is also an international trainer for facial injectables like Botox and fillers with industry leaders like Allergan, Merz and Galderma. She has trained doctors across the world. She has been an integral part of the advisory board of many skin and hair care MNCs globally namely, Unilever for Pond’s, Vaseline and Lakme, Procter & Gamble for Gillette, Marico for Parachute’s haircare range, & Bio-Oil.

Credit: Audio notes provided by Dr Rashmi Shetty

Dr Rashmi Shetty, a specialist dermatologist, is an international speaker, teacher, and author with over 18 years of aesthetic and clinical dermatology experience.

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