Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Dry Skin – Part 1

Tired of waking up to dry, lifeless skin that looks and feels damaged?

To get the most out of this article, we have split the article into two for the benefit of our readers. Part 1 provides information on lifestyle remedies suggested by Dr. Rashmi Shetty that you can incorporate into your day to day lives.

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What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is an annoying condition marked by scaling, itching, and cracking.

You may have naturally dry skin, or even if your skin tends to be oily, you can develop dry skin at times.

While dry skin commonly affects hands, arms, and legs, it could affect any part of your body.

In most cases, a few lifestyle changes and over-the-counter moisturizers may be all you need. But, if this is not enough, you should contact your doctor.

You can switch to a water-based lotion during the summer months if your skin is less dry.

Dr Shetty recommends lotions that contain antioxidants to help trap water effectively in your skin.


How do you Recognize Dry Skin?


Dry skin can be quite uncomfortable because it feels tight throughout the day.

It is also embarrassing because you may experience noticeable flaking.

Can Over drinking water end up dehydrating your skin?


According to Dr Rashmi Shetty, celebrity cosmetologist, “You must have constantly listened to people over the years advising you to drink lots of water. Today, I would like to break this age-old myth. You will be surprised to know that only drinking lots of water does not hydrate your skin!”

 In fact, over drinking water might end up dehydrating your skin.”

Do you know why?

  1. Over drinking, water might wash out the necessary nutrients.
  2. Hydration cannot be achieved with only water. You must pay attention to the protein and essential fats intake in your diet, and not only water. The protein binds your cells together and hence maintains the integrity of the top layer of your skin.

These essential nutrients will help reduce the escape of water from your skin (Transepidermal water loss). Excess water consumption will drain out the necessary nutrients.

Having said this, Dr Rashmi Shetty cautions us against neglecting fluid consumption. Only, she says, not to go overboard with it.

According to the American Journal of Dermatology, moisturizers have multiple functions apart from moistening the skin. Some products may deteriorate the skin condition. The study also shows that some have the potential to improve the clinical appearance, and skin barrier function drastically.

Also, once applied to the skin, the ingredients may stay on the surface, or be absorbed into the skin. It has also been proven that some components may metabolize. Some disappear from the surface by evaporation!

Hence it would help if you were cautious with your skincare regime and use products only after careful examination by a skincare professional.

Dr Shetty also recommends daily exfoliation with gentle, non-abrasive products to gently remove dead skin without removing the skin’s natural oils. Also, without the presence of dead skin, serums, and moisturizers will be absorbed more easily. The best moisturizers for dry skin are those containing hyaluronic acid and marine products such as algae.

If there is less sebum being produced, then your skin will feel dry and tight,” says Dr Rashmi Shetty.

What do you do to free yourself from dry skin?


To help heal dry skin and prevent reoccurrence, Dr Rashmi Shetty recommends a few lifestyle remedies.

  • Avoid using boiling water to shower.
  • Shower time less than 10 minutes
  • Use moisturizing soap.
  • Apply a good hydrating moisturizer after a shower
  • Do not rub wet skin. Pat dry with a soft towel
  • Never scratch dry skin patches.
  • Do not neglect adequate fluid consumption
  • Never over-exfoliate. It can make your skin over-sensitive.
  • Avoid Exclusion diets such as zero oil diet and dangerous fad diets that can cause severe damage.

Remember that it is also essential to choose the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type.

Dr.Rashmi Shetty says ” Use a water-based cream and then seal it with an oil-based cream. The oil-based cream acts as a sealant.”


Why does skin dry out?

The common belief is that skin dries out due to winter conditions. But the truth is that it is primarily caused due to a change in your skin’s top layer, or epidermis.

If you occasionally experience dry skin, you can prevent and treat it using simple lifestyle changes and over-the-counter moisturizers.

But if you develop severe dry skin, get yourself examined with your doctor.

Early diagnosis and treatment will help you to feel comfortable sooner. It will also lower your risk of complications.

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