What Does Healthy Skin Look Like? 5 Signs Of Healthy Skin

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If you have good and healthy skin, you observe people admiring your beautiful skin and quiz you about the secret recipe. You feel happy and enthusiastic, and your skin, hair, and nails glow brighter with confidence.

When you don’t have healthy skin, either you ignore it or work at improving it because you know its negative impact on you, your confidence, your mood, relationships, and sometimes even your efficiency.

But getting that healthy glow does not come after following one quick step. Most patients come to me and ask for the secret to glowing skin as if there’s a bulb in them that I can turn on. Like I said before, your outside, i.e., your skin and how it looks, affects your insides, mood, and health. And what you put inside—your nutrition—shows on the outside.

So before we move ahead, let’s first talk about how healthy, beautiful skin should look and feel.

  • Even skin tone

    Your skin should have a consistent colour no matter your complexion. It does not matter if you are fair, dusky, or dark; the evenness of skin tone is what makes you look attractive. Little shadows are natural to Indian skin tone. But for it to look pretty, the colour graduation has to be seamless, blending with the rest of your facial skin colour.

  • Well-hydrated

    You know skin has enough moisture when it feels supple to the touch. Another way of knowing whether your skin is well hydrated is when your skin bounces back as you press and release it. You know then that the lipid barrier is well preserved, causing minimal trans epidermal water loss.

  • Smooth texture

    Healthy skin looks smooth and feels smooth. If you look closely in the mirror, you will notice a uniform layout of your pores and tiny peaks around your hair follicles (yes, our face does have a fine layer of hair, almost invisible to the naked eye). The pores are small, tight, and feel smooth to touch.

  • Reflects light

    Your skin is neither too dry nor chapped nor too oily. The pores are closed. This makes the light that hits your face travel back in a straight line instead of scattering it so that a person looking at you sees your skin shine and glow.

  • Normal sensations

    When your skin is healthy, you will not feel any odd feelings like stretching, burning, or itching.

Get healthy from the inside.

Ra Supplements

 RA Hydrate– enriched with Collagen Peptide, it restores skin elasticity, preserves moisture, and makes skin plump with lesser lines & wrinkles, besides improving hydration, lipid content, and protecting from UV damage.

RA Essential– encapsulating a set of essential multivitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, micro-nutrients & minerals, it provides nutrition at the cellular level to make the skin and hair glow.

RA Bright – combines four powerful antioxidants to minimize free radical damage, brighten & lighten skin, protect skin from sun damage, improve skin elasticity and iron out wrinkles.

RA Anagen– full of beneficial amino acids, yeast, B vitamins, trace elements like zinc sulfate and melatonin. It arrests hair fall, strengthens hair follicles, and improves hair health, apart from rebuilding & nourishing the skin and muscle fibers.

RA Defence– fortified with traditional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, piperine, milk Thistle, and beta carotene, reduces inflammation, which is the main culprit behind every skin and beauty issue.

Ra Primerose+– is a combination of three powerful ingredients, evening primrose oil, Vitamin E, and Flaxseed oil, that help address skin concerns caused due to hormonal imbalance.

Ra Vitamin C+– is one supplement that suits all skin types. It helps fight free radicals, boosts immunity, stimulates collagen, and reverses signs of aging.

Get started on your journey towards happy and healthy skin.

Dr. Shetty is frequently invited as a faculty at many dermatology and plastic surgery society meetings, including the American Association of Dermatology, Australian Association of Dermatology, Thai Derm Society & IADVL, among others. Dr. Shetty is an international trainer for facial injectables like Botox and fillers with industry leaders like Allergan, Merz, and Galderma. She has trained doctors across the world. She has been an integral part of the global advisory board of many skin and hair care MNCs, namely Unilever for Pond’s, Vaseline and Lakme, Procter & Gamble for Gillette, and Marico for Parachute’s haircare range, & Bio-Oil. 

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