Monsoon Skin & Hair care

Who doesn’t love the rains? After the scorching sun and all that dust, it is a relief to feel those drops on your face pouring from the sky. Monsoon brings a series of skin woes for many—open pores, dull skin, and infection along body folds. In simpler words, it is summer skin + increased humidity. A bit of moisture is good, but a lot is not.
Look and feel of monsoon
Skin feels hot and humid since the pores are still open from the summer months and can get further aggravated. Acne and skin infection along the body folds can also occur. Sweating can be even more irritating in the humid weather. Hair swells and so it is more vulnerable to damage i.e. breakage, so is advisable to not go for too many salon treatments. Even a simple blow dry can cause more damage.
Monsoon special care

  • Refreshing face wash: Do it four times and with cold water
  • Toner: Optional
  • Scrub: Once a week
  • Day cream: Use only a sunscreen.
  • Apply skin actives in the form of serums and gels

Post summer care:

  • Tan removing creams and skin soothing ones.
  • Night care: Skin lightening actives, AHA and BHA (Acids at 6–20 % are available OTC)
  • Just hydrant minus the cream; Magic mist.
  • Hair and scalp – Sun protection for hair
  • Body: Couple of showers a day
  • Pick powders: For this season you must look for the powder form of most things like compact, deodorants etc. There are some collagen boosters in powder form too, which I would suggest you to pick up for keeping your skin in good shape.
  • Dry up ASAP: If you happen to get wet, wash your face and feet as soon as you can. Keep them dry. A good idea is to carry some wet wipes and then reapply your skincare product or make up.
  • Stay with sunscreen: If you are planning to cool off on the sunscreen regimen thinking that the clouds will protect you, you are greatly mistaken. The cloudy skies do not guard you from the sun. You can look for a light textured version of sunscreen. There are also some gel variants that offer you protection without clogging your skin. Try the newer powder sunscreen with nano particle technology.
  • Have happy hair: Hair care should not be ignored during this season. Since the summer’s intense UV damage makes the hair dry, frizzy, damaged, getting your hair wet in the rains will further weaken them. So say no to all hair treatments that make use of heat and chemicals. Ironing semi wet or wet hair is a sin.

At your skin doctor’s, most treatments are safe in this season. Concentrate on de-tanning treatments like peels. Start off laser treatments for skin lightening, tightening, or hair removal. Go ahead have fun and take care.

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