Haircare in your 20s

In your 20s, your hair might look and feel great, but this is usually the time when most of us put it through the test. Partying hard means more styling products, harsh chemical treatments whether coloring, perming or straightening, sun damage and not taking proper haircare.

Simple use of a gentle shampoo along with conditioner, to wash your hair every day, during summer days, especially if you use styling products would do a great help. Moreover, here are certain tips which can make a difference on your hair growth and quality.

> Blow drying is any day better than ironing. Direct heat on the hair damages it the most.
> Let the wind from the blow dryer hit your hair along the hair cuticle and not against them. This will lift the cuticle and make your hair strands rough and brittle.
> Use a heat protectant before you blow dry.
> Never iron wet or damp hair.
> Oil not only scalp but all along the hair strand. It is actually the later part of your hair length that needs oil the most.
> Hormones and your nutrition status affect the quality of hair.
> Sugar in your diet makes hair brittle.
> Do not use tight hair accessories.
> Don’t comb wet hair.
> Using hair mousse as a volumizer is never a good idea.
> Any form of styling heat on mousse should be a NO always.

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