Are you a Frequent Flyer? Here’s what your skin needs!

We are ‘in’ today and ‘out’ tomorrow! While travelling, the aircraft becomes our second home, where we travel within the country or across countries and continents. Whether it’s a long-haul flight or a short one, your skin takes a beating. High altitude, higher UV ray exposure, pressurized air conditioners, dehumidified air—all take a toll on your skin. Also, during a long-haul flight, you are sedentary, therefore you have reduced microcirculation. You tend to drink less water, drink alcohol, eat in excess, and thus so you pack sugar on to an already dry and stressed skin. Alcohol further dehydrates your skin and hair. Therefore, it is a must to follow this frequent flyer skincare routine for that extra TLC while travelling by flight.

> Moisturize your skin, Moisturize your face and body liberally before you get on a plane. This will prevent your skin from getting dry to a great extent. If you are worried about the sticky feeling, then try using lotions or moisturizing milk. That gives you the necessary moisture. If you are going to stay in the plane for long, then reapply the moisturizer every once in a while. You can ask for a hot towel, and wipe your face, hands, and feet and reapply the lotion.
> Sunscreen is a must, especially if you are flying during the day, more so if you choose a window seat or if you are a pilot. Make sure you have applied a good amount of sunscreen on all the exposed parts and not just the face. This keeps you away from burning sensation, redness, and tanning. Remember, whatever the SPF, it is wise to apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. This is important when you know the intensity of UV rays is really harsh because of the altitude.
> Get liberal with thermal water spray which will keep your skin’s hydration levels balanced. The good news is that you can even spray it over make up without the fear of getting your make up ruined. Spray it even before you apply your moisturizer so that your skin stays plump and supple.
> Skin around your eye and lip has no oil glands and are stretched thin, so make sure you take extra care of these areas. Always keep a really good under eye cream handy and a lip balm, which you can repeatedly apply.
> Make sure you have conditioned your hair or you can use light oils like coconut-based ones and tie your hair up if you are not flying for a special occasion. If not, you could tie a scarf around your hair. This will prevent the strands from drying out and getting static and frizzy.
> Have plenty of water and fruits. Avoid alcohol and too much caffeine.
> Get up and stretch often; it increases peripheral blood flow and avoids venous stagnation. This way you will not get the swelling you may get otherwise. You can also avoid other medical complications due to sluggish circulation.

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