Online Consultation is the Super-hero in the Times of Corona

Although the present times are shrouded in uncertainty and ambiguity, it has coerced us to look into our safety and sanity with a brand-new perspective. Getting out from the protective bubble of our homes does not seem to be conducive to our safety. And, if you live with your family, then, their safety and good health also come under threat when you step out. Even your routine check-up with your doctor does not seem like a great idea. However, the stressful times coupled with the new routines, make it even more vital for you to take care of your overall health, including your skin and hair.
So, what’s the solution you ask? Online Consultations!                          
Dermatologists, all around the globe, are opting for online consultation more than ever. Skincare concerns have shot up the graph in the recent past for 4 simple reasons – 

  1. All the stress that’s rooting from the pandemic is wreaking havoc on people’s skin
  2. A sudden change in nutrition and food patterns
  3. The continuous use of masks is inviting issues that were rare in the pre-corona age
  4. The onset of monsoon, like always, has brought with it a plethora of skin and hair concern

But do you know what good news is? Maintaining the good health of your skin is easier than you think, especially, now when the best dermatologists are accessible to you through online consultations.

What makes our Online Consultation special?

At our clinic, we have put immense thought and care while developing the sequence of steps that we involve in our elaborate consultation process. It is to ensure that the entire procedure is smooth sailing for the patient as well as the doctor. Here they are for those of you wondering –

  1. A lot of care is put into the meticulous collection of detailed patient history. Special emphasis is given to recent blood test reports, pictures, skincare regime, skincare treatment, nutrition, exercise and sleep pattern, etc. Then, the findings are collated beforehand for Dr. Shetty to study and deliver a flawless diagnosis.
  2. We have dedicated team members to handle our online consultation queries and requests. So, you as a patient won’t be welcomed by an annoying robotic voice that does little to help you with your concern.
  3. Then, we set you up for the consultation with Dr. Shetty where you can bring up your skincare and/or haircare concerns and find solutions for them.
  4. 10 days after your consultation, we will arrange for another quick follow-up consultation for Dr. Shetty to check up on your progress. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all so some products that work brilliantly on one skin might not give you the same result. So, this is when Dr. Shetty might make a little tweak here and there to propel your progress. Please note that it is Dr. Shetty herself who will guide you through every consultation and not any other assisting doctor or associate.
  5. There are certain skin care procedures, like micro-needling, that were once done in the clinic (in the pre-pandemic times) are now being taught to patients. Well guided sessions are held, which makes it possible for the patients to achieve clinic-like results at home under the guidance of experts.

We are adapting to the new normal, so you do not have to live with unhealthy skin and insecurities when you already have a novel virus to worry about. 

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