The Ageing Timeline

Age 25–30: Visible ageing begins when the skin cell renewal starts to slow down.
Age 30–35: Expression lines become more prominent as collagen and elastin start to break down.
Age 35–40: Static lines begin to appear. Skin starts to thin. Skin becomes noticeably more dry. Shift of facial fats become noticeable.
Age 40 onwards: The change may suddenly be visible, especially with Indian skin types. If you are petite with a good bone structure and stable body weight, you would have enjoyed a blessed skin up until now, and at 40 it all seems to suddenly give up—skin, face, and body!
Age 50 onwards: Facial muscles sag along with the other structures like fat. Bone framework and teeth support is compromised and skin appears fragile

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  1. CaboodleDigital
    CaboodleDigital says:

    And while it may seem a bit early to consider “serious” anti-aging treatments, some experts say this is the decade to go after those lines and wrinkles with muscle relaxers like Botox and Dysport and line fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and many more.


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