Skin And Hair Care Regime To Follow While Traveling

If you are packing your bags for an exotic travel destination, make sure your skin is prepared to face the environmental onslaught of that place. Holiday getaways can be refreshing for the body and soul and de-stress your mind, but when you loosen your knots and blast out on a new destination, you often tend to ignore the needs of your skin. The harsh sun of on island can leave sunburns and the dry winds of a mountain getaway can cause dryness. So, as you step out on a vacation, do not forget to follow this skin and hair care regime while traveling. You certainly do not want dull, dry, and patchy skin when you return from the holiday.

> Make sure you moisturize and hydrate your skin in advance of your travel plans. When we travel, we often get busy in other details and forget our skincare regime. Moisturize your skin and hair at least a week in advance—coconut oil is a good option for a skin and hair massage that will deeply hydrate the body and scalp. Some hydrating cosmetic procedures and hydrating facials can be beneficial, so is a session with hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers like Juvederm. This will provide you enough deep hydration to last for a few months.

> It is always good to take oral supplements rich in vitamins and Omega-3 for your skin. If you are going on a long haul, carry the supplements with you and consume them daily. Vitamins have powerful antioxidants that prevent free radical damage.

> If you are heading to a sunny destination, it would be good to take a Botox shot for your frown lines a week in advance because sun glare accentuates them and you do not want to return from the vacation with accentuated frown lines. This will also make you look fresh and relaxed at the holiday.

> If you have to spend the day out in the open, you should take care of removing the layer of dust and pollution or even bacteria that settles on top of your skin. Make sure to carry a face wash and a moisturizer in your handbag and keep washing your face and applying the lotion 2-3 times a day. Also carry quality wet face wipes that can come to your help in case you do not have clean water. When travelling, you want to look good 24/7, so you are bound to wear make up most of the time. But no matter however tired or busy you are, do not forget to remove your make up at the end of the day. If you are on a holiday, you are bound to spend most of the time outdoors even if it is a humid and hot destination. Excessive sweating in such situations can be a problem. It would help if you undertake a Botox procedure to cut down on underarm sweating. We all know how excessive sweating on the palms can be such a social and professional embarrassment. When administered under the arm, Botox can control the sweat glands and prevent sweating that can cause discomfort, patches on the clothes, and body odour.
Carry an emergency kit. Traveling, whether for leisure or meeting relatives, can give you a lot of stress. Add to it the food you are eating and the sleep you are being deprived of which extra stress to the skin too. In such a situation you may have breakouts, so an emergency kit with anti-breakout applicants is important.
It is also very important to ensure you are taking sufficient rest. Plan your itinerary in such a way that there is enough time for rest.
> Don’t forget to carry a good protective pair of sunglasses on a summer destination. They are vital to protect the eyes against the glare of the sun and also the delicate skin around the eyes. Better go for a UV protection offering product.
> Always carry a hand sanitizer, because we keep touching our faces with hands and you certainly do not want to infect your face skin.
> If your face sweats a lot, carry a spring water mist and keep spraying on your face and wiping with a tissue to keep yourself fresh. Also, do not keep reusing your hand towel.
> Drink enough water so that even if you are drinking a lot of alcohol or consuming junk food, your body should be cleansed. And if you are eating junk food or binging, make sure you take your vitamins and take out time for some crucial workouts to keep the body and skin fine.
> It is important to take care of your hair too. If on a beach, oil your hair well or use a sun protection serum. Even plain coconut oil acts as a very good sun protection agent.
Your skincare will also depend on the type of destination you are heading to.

On a sea side vacation
Depending on which place you are going to, among the most important things to carry in your bag is plenty of sunscreen. Carry liberal amounts for your hand and body as well. While you are under the sun directly, the reflection from the sea accentuates the glare. So, you not just need sunscreen, you need a thick layer of sunscreen for protection.

Also make sure you carry a calamine lotion or any other calming and soothing balm. Once back from the sea, bathe yourself in cold water to soothe and calm the skin and also to remove salt from your skin surface that can cause irritation. On a seaside, salt is not just in the water, but also in the air. Post washing, apply the calming lotion for it reduces chances of inflammation.
On a hill station
If you are on a hill station, cold cream is good for you. Having said that, sunscreen is equally important.
Also do not forget your lips. You so not want chapped lips at the end of your vacation, so do carry a very good lip balm or use plain cold cream for the purpose. Also apply cream liberally around your eyes and lips. In winters, it’s also advisable to carry a cleanser with glycolic acid. VIVITE can be a good option. Work on your skin for 2-3 minutes in small circular motions which will loosen the dead skin on top and make it more receptive to the moisturizer.
In a temperate zone
If you are vacationing in a temperate zone where it is very humid, make sure you carry a good face wash that does not dry up your skin but takes away excess humidity.
Instead of washing twice, do it thrice a day to remove grime and humidity. Another important prerequisite is to keep your body dry.
Also keep an anti-bacterial powder and cream handy. Take a very mild steroid cream with you, in case you have a reaction or rash and use it as an SOS medication.
Do tell us your views in the comments section about the Skin and Hair Care regime to follow while traveling.

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