Ra Academy

Training For Doctors At Ra

Becoming an Aesthetic expert is not an overnight journey and goes beyond the formal education, beyond a workshop or a congress or even the purchase of a few equipment and tools. When I set out on this path, there were only a few avenues to understand or learn from. It has been a long journey of self-learning, from teachers and people along the way.

But as the saying goes, “there’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time”. If there is a senior you look up to and if that Doctor can cut your chase, there is a lot more you can achieve with your time and effort.

My history of being a pioneer in the industry, having a practice for more than 15 years in a dedicated aesthetic practice, lecturing across the globe in dermatology and plastic surgery forums and sharing the stage with world leaders has given me the opportunity of discussions and knowledge exchange for a deeper level of thinking and understanding.

Learning at Ra is an opportunity for you to learn from and leverage my experience and set yourself on the path to developing your own successful aesthetic career.