With ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, collagen and alpha lipoic acid, this supplement was made to hydrate your body and skin from within!


  • Hydrated skin
  • Youthful skin
  • Better healing
  • Improved retention of hydration


*corrective used if a lot of exposure to sun, pollution, Kenya physical stress. Or any current issues like pigmentation, acne, skin fullness, etc


+ Every other health ailment where oxidative stress is the cause

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Shetty is often asked this question, “at what age should I start worrying about skincare”? First, don’t worry. Worrying will only trigger free radicals in your body, which are the main culprits in the aging process. All you have to do is gently turn your attention to taking care of your skin and overall health. Hydrate and nourish.

Nevertheless, it will do you good to be aware that when you are 25 and even an hour older, you need to watch your skin closely and start nourishing it from within and without. Because cell turnover and cell renewal start slowing down in mid twenties. From then on, the plump and youthful skin that you so far enjoyed, gradually starts turning duller and a tad dry. As you progress into your 30s, 40s and 50s, the decline in skin texture starts becoming more evident.

Genetics plays a big role at what age your skin starts losing its plumpness. Research says Indian skin does not age as early as that of some other races, but that generalisation does not hold good any more.. Why ? Because of epigenetics, which is a sum total of all our lifestyle habits and choices.. Therefore, our genes get modified.

Now, a lot of how your skin feels and appears is dependent on hydration levels in your body. Even more important is how efficiently the skin is able to hold moisture. In the ‘earth and skin’ analogy, earth is surrounded by oceans and other water bodies, yet it cracks at the surface.

In another example, as we progress in age, even if we do drink up the prescribed glasses of water everyday, is our skin plumpness assured? No. Because mere hydration is not everything. There is a constant wear and tear occurring inside our bodies, but we are also blessed with a repair system. This repair system can get impaired due to environmental toxins as well as lifestyles, and has be remedied.

Skin aging is not completely reversible, yet a lot can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle, skin supplements and topical applications that target specific skin issues. While we reserve topical solutions and lifestyle for later, take a look at Dr Shetty’s unique supplement RA SKIN HYDRATE. It can quench and plump skin and hair, and restore a youthful glow to your face.

The following ingredients of RA SKINHYDRATE act as a great medium for cells to rejuvenate and heal. For example teens with dry skin due to ambient temperatures, lifestyle habits, or those undergoing acne treatment benefit significantly. So do younger children with a topic dermatitis, sunburns and swimming pool irritation/allergies.

Collagen is called the Big C in the derma world. Why ? Because collagen, (found in the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis) is an essential protein that gives skin its resilience, elasticity and durability. Collagen along with the fibre ‘elastin’ is found in the ground substance, which is an amorphous gel-like substance surrounding the cells. It is responsible for cell nutrition. The glue-like viscosity of ground substance enables it to join cells together. In our supplement RA SKINHYDRATE, we have included ingredients that replenish the ground substance and promote collagen since together, they are most essential to a plump and healthy skin.

In the ‘earth and skin’ analogy, collagen is the protein that is behind smooth, unwrinkled skin.
Collagen gets dented as a natural process. Internally by the process of oxidation, poor nutrition and lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. External factors like the sun, why, even repeated facial motions like frowning, smiling and crinkling your eyes!

Skin needs to be handled gently. If you were to pull, rub, or tug at it, collagen can dent even faster. Skin then doesn’t fit your body as snugly as it used to a few years ago.

Hence, it is important to right the wrongs by taking collagen supplements. Since collagen is at the heart of youthful skin, the other ingredients in RA SKIN HYDRATE work together to strengthen it.
• Collagen is also responsible for healthy hair and nails.
• Minimises and erases wrinkles over time.

Hydration is one area, where the goodness of collagen supplements shows up first.
Collagen Peptide Type 1 in RA SKINHYDRATE promotes collagen production and keeps skin youthful and supple.

Dr Shetty can never stop talking about hydration for the skin, and the simplest way to do it is to drink enough water. Hydration is the secret behind a plump skin. When skin cells don’t get enough water, skin turns dry like the parched earth and becomes wrinkle prone.

But, as we age, our skin loses the ability to retain moisture, resulting in loss of firmness and plumpness. Step in, Hyaluronic Acid, the saviour!

What is Hyaluronic Acid ? It is a clear, lubricating substance that is produced in the body naturally. Hyaluronan is one of the key elements of the ground substance, which as we said earlier, nourishes and supports cells.
• It helps retain collagen
• Increases moisture.
• Provides elasticity and flexibility.
• Revitalises skin’s outer layers, making it appear softer and smoother.
• Plumps up skin, erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Aging decreases the production of sodium hyaluronate however, and the need for supplementing it arises. That’s why it is a key ingredient in RA SKINHYDRATE.

Hyaluronic Acid cannot be absorbed by the skin directly. Sodium hyaluronate, the salt of hyaluronic acid has a smaller molecular structure and hence is absorbed more easily. So, you will find Sodium Hyaluronate on the labels of many skincare creams and potions.
Sodium Hayluronate in RA SKINHYDRATE helps keep collagen and elastin healthy, provides the ground substance in which they renew and regenerate well, thereby keeping the skin plump and moist.

An antioxidant, that is labelled as ‘universal antioxidant’ is extremely important for healthy skin. Though alpha lipoic acid is naturally produced in the body and also available in our diets, it is not enough. It performs the unique function of regenerating and recycling other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, the torch-bearers of anti aging. This multitasking antioxidant is akin to having a antioxidant recycling facility in our bodies!
• Alpha lipoic acid rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level and helps erase age-related skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.
• This soluble antioxidant also has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Apart from imparting smoother, firmer and clearer skin, Alpha lipoic acid is believed to exert numerous soothing effects to the skin and the body.
Alpha lipoic acid in RA SKINHYDRATE rejuvenates skin on a cellular level, by helping erase age related fine lines/wrinkles and regain elasticity of the skin.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two antioxidants that work synergistically to protect skin and eyes. They are present within the skin and pigments of the eyes. Also abundantly found in green leafy vegetables, broccoli and citrus fruits. Yet, questions of bioavailability, metabolism and proportions make it difficult for the body to synthesize them on their own. Therefore, supplements are the way forward to get enough of the two antioxidants.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin help
• Protect skin from oxidative stress.
• Shield from blue light and sun-induced skin damage.
• Prevent skin cancer.
• Prevent macular degeneration and other eye diseases.
Lutein and Zeaxanthin in RA SKINHYDRATE prevent skin and eye damage by protecting them from UV kight.
Lack of hydration and photo damage are two key factors that contribute to proliferation of free radicals, resulting in inflammation. Hence you start seeing undesirable changes in your skin. If you thought drinking the proverbial eight glasses of water and using a sunscreen can offer blanket protection from such damage, you may want to reconsider it and consult professionals. And if age isnt on your side, you may need skin supplements like SKINHYDRATE to alleviate your concerns.
We can help. All our supplements are prescribed after a detailed consultation with our clients/patients. We have your best interests in mind.

Being well informed is the first step to making right choices. Do you think your skin will benefit from RA SKINHYDRATE? Is this the supplement for you? We are there to help you with options and decide. All our supplements are prescribed after a detailed consultation with our clients/patients. Write to us at info@drrashmishetty.com