FAQ – Skin

All your skin related Questions answered! We have put together a series of FAQs-skin which are commonly asked. If you have a query which you cannot find the answer of, please write to us at info@drrashmishetty.com

There are a lot of brands which do make good sunscreen. In general if you can use between 30 and 50 spf, that’s good enough. You can even use sunscreen depending on your skin type – some are matte and some which add hydration to your skin. So there is no ‘one’ good sunscreen.

There are a lot of good brands for oily skin. There is one from Ponds for oily skin which is very good, there is something called Uv Doux, Suncross and La Shield these are all a few sunscreens which are pretty good for oily skin.

I suggest you to have a complete wholesome diet, eat everything don’t skip any food and eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables that will be good for your hair and skin.

Not at all, skin brightening is just a combination of 4 different antioxidants which are supposed to negate or quench the free radical damage happening in you and absolutely no effect on the period whatsoever.

Yes, we do. You can go to our website www.drrashmishetty.com for details. You can also visit our clinic, our flagship clinic is in Santacruz West, Mumbai. Or You can call at 09833055236 and our team will be happy to help you regarding the treatments we provide. Thank you.

You could use any cream with peptides, they help kinda regenerate the skin and collagen to refresh or become more healthy.. So peptides is what you need to look at and like you said there are n numbers of companies go and look at what Fragrances, what type and what cost fits your bill the best.

But you need to understand just applying cream may not help your under eye if you already have a bad under eye skin which shows signs of ageing. You need to meet your Doctor to see what kind of procedures can be done towards improving the skin, it could simply a micro needling with radio frequency or just radio frequency, certain lights that stimulated or maybe lasers that light or stimulate that area. So you need to meet a doctor and let her examine you and see what suits you best.

Hello, you have done everything that’s not to be done. You do not scrub or exfoliate a skin which is tanned immediately. You allow it to heal with a lot of moisturiser. Charcoal mask can be drying on the face. So all you do from today is use a lot of moisturiser along with calamine lotion. Allow the skin to calm down, heal, hydrate, moisturise and recuperate.

When your scar begins to heal after any wound whether it’s a small little acne or a cut or surgical wound, if it grows beyond the cut itself or the scar itself and continues to keep growing that is a keloid. Treatment could be many like intralesional injections, steroids etc.

There is no absolute cure for psoriasis but however a very very long term remission and almost full control is possible now. The latest what you could try is biologics, so that’s something you must haven’t explored or done.

Hello, that’s fantastic that you love Hydrate. That’s a good thing to keep it on. Defence is an anti inflammatory but it also has skin lightening properties and Bright is an antioxidant also has skin lightening properties. So what you could do is start with 1 Bright and 1 Defence everyday first thing in the morning. Defence can be taken empty stomach and Bright post your breakfast. So do that for 3 months and then we will see how it goes. However it is not a cure for Pigmentation, we need to address you pigmentation with probably creams and lotions, etc.

Vitamin D will not make you skin darker. If you have dry skin that itself could be a cause of pigmentation and irritation. Please make sure you take care of the dry skin first.

So Retinols were the old gold standard for anti ageing. If your skin sensitive, you dont have to stick to that molecule. There are several peptides like tripeptides which will result in similar effect as to what retinols would do in past.

“Yes, darker knees and elbows can be treated. There are certain specific peels and lasers we do for it at Ra. This is combined with application of creams at home. Like any pigmentation this can also be treated.

Do note that if you are exercising then don’t kneel or put your elbows on table. Friction makes these areas dark.”

Unless you have an extremely dry skin and sensitive skin, it is fine to use ice.

Keratosis Pilaris usually doesnt go away. It might keep surfacing up and down. So make sure you moisturise very well, do not use friction, dont do things like microdermabrasion. Just use alot of moisturiser, use a Retin A cream and can opt for certain peels at your doctors office.

You could try molecules like azelaic acid and Kojic acid in the cream format. We do have peels at Ra. In case you are in Mumbai or Hyderabad then I can recommend certain peels after examining the pigmentation marks.

Yes, of course but you need to visit your doctor to have it opened up or we have lasers these days which do the same thing. A good old radio frequency also works. Basically the idea is to open it up or burn it so that it’s taken care of for the long term.

It is possible to get the skin to it’s best possible glow with few antioxidants, healthy lifestyle, right sun protection, taking care of the tan well and a lot of other things.
In our opinion, even if it is possible to get a lighter shade than your current shade, it is not possible to sustain the lightening without continuous maintenance. It takes a lot of effort and money to maintain the lightening which doesn’t sustain. Therefore one should not opt for anything like this and embrace their skin color as every color is beautiful. Instead, one should aim for a healthy and even-toned skin.

Yes, you can if you don’t have red, sensitive or dry skin.

You need to first address your underlying cause that is thyroid. Then you can start using skin lightening creams and visit your doctor for peels and some hydrating facials as the thyroid is linked with dry skin which leads to pigmentation again.

Azelaic acid, Kojic Acid and Glycolic Acid creams can help you. But don’t apply them to fresh marks. Let the redness go down and then if it is dark is when you can apply the chosen cream. As long as it is red, you can maybe only use calamine lotion and a good moisturizer.

Pigmentation around the mouth is because of Dryness and of course some of the hormonal conditions as well. But if it is because of dryness then the simplest thing that you can do is to apply a good amount of moisturizer, hydrate the skin around and then you can use creams with skin lightening ingredients in the night. Also, make sure to use your sunscreen in the day time. Certain oral supplements like Ra Vitamin C+Ra Skin Bright which has many antioxidants in it and Omega 369 which helps to hydrate from within can help.

Toner is good for skin but depending on what your toner has. So if you have an oily skin then you need a toner that kind of gets out the oil from your skin. Something which kind of tightens your pores. Look for acidic and minty ones. But if you have a dry skin, you will look for a toner with hyaluronic acid. A toner which will hydrate you.

There isn’t a solution but overall weight reduction always helps. So a lot of cardio, watching what you eat and seeing if you have water retention in the body and taking care of that. All of this really helps.

Yes, in fact, it is called ocular rosacea. Sometimes that could be the only symptom or that could be the starting of symptoms. You need to do the following:

1. Keep your eyes calm
2. Don’t rub your eyes
3. Don’t use harsh makeup around the eye
4. Use mild face washes so that they don’t enter your eye and irritate it.
5. You can start off by simply using tear replacement drops which calms and reduces the irritation due to dryness. It also reduces inflammation and sun sensitivity

And you must meet your ophthalmologist to get the right drops.

Treatment of puffiness under the eyes depends on if it is puffy because of fat or fluid. If it is puffy because of fat then there is only surgical way to get rid of it. And if it is puffy because of fluids then you will have to look into your hormones and nutrition.

Most of the times, puffiness under the eye whether it is because of fat or fluids can be treated by Filler Injections. But yes, that decision should be taken by your doctor.

No. There is nothing you can do for cold urticaria. You have to avoid the cold. If you have to go to a cold area then you can cover yourself with antihistamines.