FAQ – Generic

All your Questions answered! We have put together a series of FAQs which are commonly asked. If you have a query which you cannot find the answer of, please write to us at info@drrashmishetty.com

Our flagship clinic is in Santacruz West, Mumbai. Pls do call on 09833055236 and our team will be happy to help you book an appointment. We are also present in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The best way is to visit Solskin Corp. You will find a lot of information in detail about all the supplements. You can decide on your own, basis the issues that you may have. These supplements are multi-vitamin and micro-nutrients so absolutely no harm. However, choose them wisely. If you need further help, you could drop us a message and we will try to do our best.

It’s not harmful, it’s quite safe but make sure you  got to a centre which is using the authentic one because there’s a lot of it floating around the market. Also taking it to often may not be safe as well because it’s an antioxidant and you don’t need it in that extent.

Hello, you take Vitamin C 1000mg 1 a day and Glutathione again you might need 1000mg a day is a good dose. But a maximum of 3500 can be taken orally. However, our supplements have in combination other fantastic antioxidants so in combination works really better. Please read up about RA Bright on @solskincorp.

Yes. There is a treatment. We have got fantastic results at Ra for it. For me to suggest you any kind of treatment, I would have to examine you first. If you are in Mumbai or Hyderabad then you can visit me in my clinic or get in touch with me via Online Consultation at info@drrashmishetty.com.

It is absolutely safe to use Retin A in the long run. If it has helped your skin then you can continue using it. But along with it you could also end up using some peptides to hydrate your skin if that’s irritating your skin and don’t forget that you may need some internal things like a few supplements to support your cause of anti-aging depending on your skin type.

You can avoid milk and sugar.

You can look for Vitamin C, niacinamide, Q 10.