A multivitamin made using the best vitamins and minerals, he basic essentials for healthier skin and hair and general wellbeing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Multivitamins are scientifically formulated supplements that contain a mix of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help support better health.

They help correct nutritional deficiencies, support proper growth and development, fight diseases and keep hair and skin healthy. But remember to pair your multivitamins with a healthy diet. Supplements are not a substitute for diet.

Dr Shetty’s skin and hair supplement RA ESSENTIAL, has in it a set of essential vitamins and antioxidants integrated for healthy skin, hair, overall health and beauty.

Why do we need these essential fatty acids ? For cellular processes. They are called essential because they must be got from our diets or supplements. What are their benefits ?
• Omega-3 and Omega-6 are remarkable for skin. They serve as building blocks of skin’s surface layers ; produce skin’s natural oil barrier and hence keep our skin plump, youthful, hydrated and wrinkle-free.
• They improve eye health, reduce inflammation, help prevent cancer and other diseases like Alzheimer’s and ADHD, reduce fat in liver, improve bone and joint health, alleviate menstrual pain and improve sleep.

• It is a mineral supplement important for many systems in the body, but especially vital for healthy bones and muscles.
• Magnesium Oxide is also known to have anti-inflammatory benefits and aids digestion. A healthy gut translates to healthy skin and hair.

Grape seed extract is called an optimizer because it is such a powerful antioxidant. Used with other antioxidants and supporting nutrients, it is fifty times more potent than vitamin E and twenty times more potent than vitamin C. Used alone, it is six to seven times more potent than vitamin E and three to four times more potent than vitamin C. Power of synergy among nutrients !
• Grape seed extract can help improve poor blood circulation and protect cellular damage.

Beta-sitosterol is a substance found in plants ((phytosterol) – fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
• Phytosterols when consumed are known to reduce cholesterol levels, improve immunity and prevent cancer.
• Additionally, beta-sirosterol alleviates many of the degenerative diseases like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and tuberculosis among many others.

Niacinamide is an absolute blessing to skin. Also known as vitamin B3, it is a water-soluble vitamin which is great for restoring aging skin.
• It helps shrink enlarged pores, evens out skin tone, minimises fine lines and wrinkles.
• Environmental pollutants can dull the skin and weaken it, but Niacinamide when taken orally or applied topically can reverse the damage.

Zinc is a trace element that is vital to a robust immune system.
• It aids in correctly synthesizing DNA and is needed for overall maintenace of the human body.
• Zinc plays an important role in clotting blood and healing wounds. It helps in thyroid functions and balances hormones.
• Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant and is known to help treat acne.

The most important function of vitamin E is to maintain cell function.
• Another significant role it plays is that, it moderates the performance and production of certain enzymes, proteins and hormones in our body. Controls inflammation and boosts immunity.
• As for skin and hair, vitamin E is priceless – it protects the skin barrier from damage, keeping it smooth and hydrated.
• With improving blood circulation to the scalp, it controls hair loss and promotes good scalp health.

A carotenoid and a powerful antioxidant that prevents DNA damage and helps cells to function optimally.
• Lycopene protects the skin from UV radiation (sun exposure and LED light) and fights aging.
• A phytonutrient that prevents cancer. Many studies have revealed that skin cancer doesn’t stand a chance against lycopene.
• Lycopene is extremely important for eye health too and slows down macular degeneration.

A part of B-vitamins and more commonly known as B5, pantothenic acid is super important for skin and hair health.
• It keeps skin acne-free and well moisturised.
• Reduces hair loss and supports hair growth, by nourishing hair follicles.
• Pantothenic acid is anti-inflammatory, aids digestion and metabolism, supports the liver and good for our heart and lungs. It is also known to help in wound healing.

Most of you know how critical iron is for producing hemoglobin. Ferrous Fumate is a type of iron that helps impart a healthy glow to your skin and promotes hair growth too.

It is also known to speed wound healing, improve energy, boost immunity and improve muscle functions.

These three vitamins are a part of the vitamin B complex , and have to be derived from our diet or supplements. Together, the vitamins work at cellular level to keep skin healthy and radiant.

• Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine plays a big role in the growth and repair of skin cells. It helps regulate hormones that cause acne flareups, especially during menstrual cycles. Alongside, vitamin B6reduces acne related inflammation, keeping skin clear and calm.
• Riboflavin, commonly known as vitaminB2 contributes to healthy cell turnover, directly ensuring a revitalised, bright and radiant complexion. It regulates mucus secretion in the skin and prevents acne breakouts. It clears up pesky spots too. A deficiency in riboflavin can cause dry, cracked skin in the corners of your mouth, hyper-sensitivity of the skin to products, climate and other external aggressors.
• Thiamine mononitrate, also known as vitamin B1, is a powerful antioxidant and improves blood circulation which is so important for a glowing skin. Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots get reduced significantly with thiamine mononitrate.

This is also popularly known as the anti-stress vitamin and supports the functions of the nervous system in a big way.

Since vitamin A has an important role in cell growth and functions, it is vital to the overall development of the body and has special significance in skin structure and health.
• It is a big player in psoriasis and acne treatment.
• Vitamin A regulates thyroid and adrenal hormones.
• It helps improve immunity and bone health.
• Prevents age related vision decline.

You are all too familiar with copper benefiting the skin. Even Ayurveda lists better skin elasticity, improved collagen production, slower aging, stronger nails and hair, as some of its immediate benefits. Modern science follows suit too.

Equally significant is its capacity to promote production of hyaluronic acid which is a natural moistursing factor in our skin. Cupric sulphate helps skin stay wrinkle-free, firm and smooth.

• Folic acid is crucial to the growth and maintenance of cells in our body.
• It works in conjunction with other antioxidants to remove toxins from the body. This in turn, slows down aging, reduces acne and keeps skin firm and glowing.
• Folic acid, with its ability to aid cell renewal and repair, helps in the growth of hair. A deficiency of folic acid can result in premature greying and loss of hair.

Vitamin K, is chiefly known to aid wound healing and blood clotting. If you are wondering why it has been included in this supplement, it is because :
• Vitamin K helps minimise spider veins, scars, stretch marks, pimples and rosacea. It alleviates bruising and swelling too, and is used to treat burns.
• It is a fat soluble vitamin that helps make proteins for healthy bones.

Vitamins cannot be created by the body and hence have to supplemented. But unlike others, vitamin D can be synthesized when our skin is exposed to sunlight, terming it a sunshine hormone.
• Vitamin D improves immunity, is responsible for healthy bones and teeth. It is even known to lower depression. It can protect against a range of conditions such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
Nutritional supplements have become a necessity today due to the decline in nutrition and increase in stress and other lifestyle conditions. More and more research is being done to apply the power of antioxidants for better health. We sometimes call it preventive medicine. Taking nutritional supplements is not about eradicating disease ; it is about promoting vibrant health.

But do consult medical professionals before you begin any supplementation. Just like medicine, it is not advisable to self prescribe.

All our supplements are prescribed after a detailed consultation with our clients/patients. We have your best interests in mind.

Being well informed is the first step to making right choices. Do you think your skin will benefit from RA ESSENTIAL? Is this the supplement for you? We are there to help you with options and decide. All our supplements are prescribed after a detailed consultation with our clients/patients. Write to us at info@drrashmishetty.com