A combination of essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to help your cells repair, rebuild and replenish; giving you healthier skin, hair and nails.


  • Reduced hairfall
  • Reduced acne
  • Healthier hair
  • Stronger nails


*corrective dosage used for patients with hairfall, acne, week nails.


Frequently Asked Questions

Just like skin, hair gets impacted too by external factors like weather, sun, pollution, quality of water, hair products and so on. Internally, inflammation, diet, sleep, stress and medication have a direct bearing on hair health. Problem skin can be enhanced to some extent with topical applications, but hair is another matter. Unhealthy hair can rarely be made to look good.

Hair needs more internal nourishment to keep follicles healthy and strong , hair shaft smooth and shiny. Hence, nutrition is of paramount importance to healthy crops and tresses.
When you are losing hair, you don’t have the time to research or try every supplement to arrest it. That is why Dr Shetty’s hair supplement RA ANAGEN has been formulated to strengthen hair from within. It contains the right nutrients, antioxidants and boosters to support hair growth and and keep hair health at its optimum.

This is an important amino acid that boosts our immune system and is extremely beneficial for hair heath.
• L-taurine strengthens and rehydrates keratinocytes (epidermal cells that produce keratin).
• It helps reduce stress levels, one of the chief culprits of hair loss.
• Being highly efficient in regulating sebum production, it removes dead skin cells and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone linked to hair loss).
• It also regulates aptopsis and inhibits glycation, one of the main causes of cellular aging. (Aptopsis is the death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth or development. Glycation refers to the binding of sugars to proteins at the cellular level, which can lead to hair thinning).
• Being an antioxidant and having anti-inflammatory properties, it protects aginst premature aging and environmental toxins.

Yeast is a rich source of proteins, beta-glucans, vitamins and minerals and hence is included in many nutritional supplements.
• It has anti-oxidant and wound healing properties.
• Being rich in vitaminB complex, it enhances hair growth.
• Strengthens the skin structure and helps produce healthy skin cells.
• It also aids in hydrating, and imparts brightness and smoothness to the skin.

Choline bitartrate, related to B group of vitamins is important for building cell membranes.
• Choline helps in the process of methylation, which is used to create DNA, for nerve signaling, and for detoxification. Simply put, methylation is a chemical reaction that occurs in every cell and tissue in our body. In some ways it also helps the body to detoxify.
• It is also a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps nerves to communicate and muscles to move, and acts as an anti-aging neurotransmitter
Choline is synthesized in the liver in small quantities, hence has to be acquired through diet or supplements for adequate supply of it.

Inositol, also one of the B vitamins is important for hair growth and its health.
• Overall, the B vitamins aid the body in handling stress better, thereby reducing hair fall.
• Inositol additionally promotes better sleep, helping the body to rest well and keep calm.
• It improves blood circulation to the scalp and a direct result of that is strong and luscious hair.
• An important function of inositol is that it helps in the storage and metabolism of amino acids.
• It boosts immunity and plays a key role in the production of hair and nails.

Grape seed extract is called an optimizer because it is such a powerful antioxidant. Used with other antioxidants and supporting nutrients, it is fifty times more potent than vitamin E and twenty times more potent than vitamin C. Used alone, it is six to seven times more potent than vitamin E and three to four times more potent than vitamin C. Power of synergy among nutrients !
• Grape seed extract can help improve poor blood circulation and protect cellular damage.

Abundant in antioxidants, green tea extract is extremely benficial for skin and hair.
• EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea is an antioxidant that has the ability to stimulate hair growth.
• Apart from its many other health benefits, green tea prevents skin conditions like acne, loss of elasticity, inflammation and premature aging.

These amino acids are the building blocks and help build growth proteins.
• They facilitate hair growth.
• In addition, they ease inflammation, increase blood supply to hair roots, which in turn stimulates hair growth and increases glutathione levels.
(Glutathione is an important antioxidant involved in many processes in the body, like tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and for the immune system).

Most of you know how critical iron is for producing hemoglobin. Ferrous Fumate is a type of iron that helps
• Impart a healthy glow to skin
• Promotes hair growth. It helps arrest hair loss and improves hair texture by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to hair roots and scalp.
• It is also known to speed wound healing, improve energy, boost immunity and improve muscle functions.

Lecithin is a substance naturally found in the tissues of our body. Made up of fatty acids it has a variety of commercial and medicinal uses.
• Lecithin is extremely essential for healthy body cells.
• It promotes hair growth and can reverse hair damage by improving its structure.
• It facilitates hair regeneration and keeps both skin and hair well moisturised.

Zinc is a trace element that is vital to a robust immune system.
• It aids in correctly synthesizing DNA and is needed for overall maintenace of the human body.
• Helps in blood clotting and healing wounds.
• Regulates thyroid functions and balances hormones.
• Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant and is very effective against hair loss.
• It controls acne and promotes nail and hair growth

These are types of B Vitamims, needed for growth and overall good health. They improve skin health, hair, nails, nerves and red blood cells.They also aid detoxification of the liver.
• Niacinamaide improves hair follicle health and strengthens weakened skin surface, thereby protecting hair follicles.
• Pantothenic acid plays a big role in hair follicle nourishment, helps support proper hair growth and reduces hair loss. It also has moisturizing effects on the skin.
• Biotin specifically is great for strengthening and increasing strength and life of hair and nails.
• Pyridoxine Hd improves health of blood vessels, skin, eyes and boosts hair growth.
• Riboflavin helps in hair and nail growth and slows down aging
• Thiamine supports healthy skin, hair and nails. It is also used to calm nerves, often referred to as the “anti-stress” vitamin.

A little bit about androgens and the anagen phase of hair growth before we take you to the benefits of melatonin.

Hair growth in hair follicles occurs in three phases and anagen is the first phase. In healthy hair, most hair follicles are in the anagen or active hair growth phase. Hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days at that time.

Melatonin receptors are present in hair follicles. Through specific chemical reactions, melatonin is known to inhibit the action of androgens. This in turn, lengthens the anagen phase, increases hair production and prevents hair loss. Androgens are hormones that can reduce the anagen, or hair growth phase and cause baldness.

Folic acid is crucial to the growth and maintenance of cells in our body, including those present in our skin, hair and nails.
• It helps keep the red blood cells at their optimum health.
• It works in conjunction with other antioxidants to remove toxins from the body.
• Folic acid, with its ability to aid cell renewal and repair, helps in the growth of hair. A deficiency of folic acid can result in premature greying and loss of hair.

Caring for hair becomes that much more simpler when you know the causes of hair loss and thinning. Its been Dr Shetty’s endeavour to educate, inform and prescribe appropriate solutions to your skin and hair issues in this article as well as some others on our website. We welcome you to read through and we are always there to help you choose the right ones.
All our RA supplements are prescribed after a detailed consultation with our clients/patients. We have your best interests in mind.