Is It Possible To Prevent Ageing With BOTOX?

Don’t let your age define the way you look.
Our face is an interesting piece of art. A healthy facial appearance talks a lot about our personality.
Interestingly, as we age our facial muscles also age and lose elastin. As it is said, People who smile a lot tend to develop lines or wrinkles around it.
It’s time to go skin deep and rejuvenate our facial muscles and cells. Today we have safe options to helps us look youthful and defy our age…
All the muscles in our body work hand in hand, where for every physical action – one set of muscle that contracts there is another set of muscle that relax or expand. Likewise, in the face also we have say two sets of muscles, one set which pulls the face up and the other which pulls it down, for every facial movement or expression that we give.

What Botox actually does is – It knocks the muscles that pulls the face down and creates a tug between the two sets of muscle which are pulling the face up and down. Therefore making both the set of muscles equally strong to keep it to the centre.
Yes, Botox prevents ageing, and you slow down on your age to remain youthful!